Nothing has fascinated me more than finding and fulfilling my purpose but finding the reason why I was created somehow eluded me and for a long while, I was in a limbo that I couldn’t get out of no matter how much I tried. It was tough to get up everyday and just wonder and wander. I was disappointed. I was frustrated and I had questions on my mind on a daily basis. I have this habit of always looking up at the skies and each time I did that, I reminded myself that it was big enough for every specie of bird to fly in and not collide. I made up my mind one fateful day that I needed to find my purpose and fulfill it no matter how long it took but I was hoping for a sooner than later experience. My motivation was that my purpose was bigger than me and there were millions if not billions (I was that sure) of people depending on me to fulfill that purpose even if they didn’t know that yet and it still eluded me. At this point, failure was not an option. I needed to face whatever was coming. That was how my journey to finding and fulfilling my purpose began.